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Hi, my name is Victoria. Welcome to my blog :)

The Dancing Flower features healthy recipes, awesome fitness recommendations and tips on how to improve your everyday life. This blog is for young women desiring to take control of their life and develop healthy habits that will lead to a balanced lifestyle. My objective is to help you take healthier choices and realize that a healthy life is a happy one too. The Dancing Flower is here to help you pursue, improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing all the tools you need to accomplish your personal goals. I believe that every girl should feel comfortable in their own skin. Beauty has no limits. Everyone is unique in their own way. However, our ambitions concerning our health are often similar. Hence, my mission is to make healthy living a pleasant and easy process accessible for all growing young women. Motivation is key. So, never forget that drive that brought you here in the first place and remember to have fun by enjoying every bit of your youth !

Now, lets get started ! If you want to get into shape and elevate your fitness level, visit the Play section of my blog where I’ve posted interesting articles about physical health and training. On the other hand, if you’re looking to improve your well-being, check out the Live category where you’ll find key pointers on how to stay healthy – inside and out! Finally, if your interested in developing better eating habits (or if you’re just hungry) go explore the Eat section where you’ll find more than 70 different recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper.

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